Index pdf files to create archive with PDF Index Assistant
Index PDF to create PDF archive with PDF Index Assistant

Index PDF Files for Faster Search

File indexing plays an important role in file search. In fact, if users often look for the same files in the same locations, creating of search index is a must! Why not help software to the job within the shortest possible time? File Search Assistant has a convenient file indexing feature which makes file search an easy task even for inexperienced users. The majority of PC users often have to work with pdf documents. In fact, pdf is a common extension since it is used for price lists, product descriptions, business offers and a variety of business document types, including contracts and agreements. Often, users create data storage (a collection of pdf files), however sometimes info is lost. Use of a reliable files search tool like File Search Assistant is highly recommended.

Index PDF files with File Search Assistant

At the same time, it is better to create a search index for pdf documents, especially if users often look for missing pdf docs in the same locations, for instance, data storage. Creating of pdf index offers several advantages, namely:
  • File Search Assistant will look at specific location. Thus, it is time saving since the software will not scan huge hard drives.
  • Dynamic re-indexing makes it possible to update index, in case new files were added. This enables searching for new files, while the index will update automatically.
  • File Search Assistant will look for pdf docs only. The relevant settings are configured as the new index is created. Moreover, it is possible to add other extensions, if necessary, for instance, docx or txt. However, in case only pdf files are missing, it is recommended to use only one extension.
  • Archives will be opened just as ordinary folders, thus is a missing pdf doc is packed in archive, File Search Assistant will find it anyway. It is convenient if files were copied pr downloaded as archives that were never unzipped.
  • There is no need to start a new search each time users need to find some pdf file in data storage folder, directory with project files etc. If a user index pdf files, the software memorizes choices and settings which saves time and makes searching for missing pdf files easy.
    PDF index is easily created in File Search Assistant. A step by step wizard will guide users through the entire procedure. Thus, users should only choose appropriate options that come with explanations and tips.
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